Doggone Farm

Category: Pet Services & Accessories
Address: 221 Brighton Rd, Green, NJ 07821
ZIP: 07821
Contact Phone: 9737683084

We love dogs. We have been walking dogs and pet-sitting since 2006 and have each had dogs growing up. I am a certified dog trainer and my husband is an athlete. We fully believe in the importance of working out a dog's mind and body daily.

From the moment we brought our puppy, Dexter, home we never wanted to leave him. When we had to go away and started looking for boarding we were disheartened by what we found; Cold, sterile, hospital-like settings for the most part, and far too much "kennel" time than we found acceptable. We wanted a place where our boy could run free and play with his friends. We wanted him to be on real grass in the day, for him to sleep uncrated at night, and to feel confident he'd get attention and love like he does from us at home. We became inspired to create Doggone Farm, and we were blessed to find the perfect home for it! We aim to provide peace of mind for dog owners just like us for years to come!