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Posted on: Mar 18, 2019 at 3:32pm
Posted by: Alisha Davlin

ACT/SAT Test Prep:

I have had students go from a 26 to a 32 on the ACT and rise over 200 points on the SAT. I teach not only test prep tips, but also grammar rules that will translate well beyond test day into all of your writing.

About Me:

Huff Post writer:

Former NYU outside undergraduate admissions reader, Pingry School teacher, and Creative Writing instructor at NYU can help. Alisha has worked with hundreds of students, helping them get into their dream schools. She holds an M.Ed. from Columbia University and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from NYU. 

General: Contact: or 347-924-4987


* College Admissions Tutoring, Analytical and Creative Writing *Reading Comprehension *English speaking skills, and grammar *College Admissions Consulting: College Essay, *College Application Test Prep: SAT, ACT, PSAT, (Verbal/Reading/Writing), ISEE/SSAT (upper, middle & lower) GRE Verbal, and GRE writing


“Similar to the undergraduate college admissions process, the law school admissions process requires the submission of a two-page personal statement. After a period of reflection, I called Ms. Davlin and presented her with a variety of themes. We spoke at length, flushing out my ideas, which consisted of eliminating certain details while expanding upon others. Having the opportunity to bounce my ideas off someone and being forced to articulate why I should include certain information in a limited amount of space allowed me to write a succinct and passionate essay, where my personality was perfectly encapsulated in my writing. Ms. Davlin’s dedication to not only reviewing numerous drafts, but providing me with extremely specific and helpful commentary brought my essay to the next level.
I am very grateful for the time and energy Ms. Davlin spent in assisting me through this process. Her insight and feedback will always be in the back of my mind as I start Cornell Law in the fall.”

Marisa W.
Cornell Law

“Applying to college is a long and daunting process, especially for the oldest child like me. While I started to think about the topic of my essay, I signed up for Alisha Davlin’s class at the public library. She pushed us to really think about what makes us who we are, and then to translate that onto paper. Through her dedication and persistence in drawing out my best writing, I created an essay that I felt truly embodied my personality. Ms. Davlin has a skill for guiding students to discover their own genuine ideas, and I am very grateful for her assistance.”

Ryan C.
Naval Academy 2022

"When I first started my college essays, I had trouble deciding between themes, and how they might be combined. When I first came to Ms. Davlin, we brainstormed selecting from multiple ideas for my essay. She helped me find ways to describe personality traits that would have been difficult for me to express by myself. The result set my college essay apart from others by highlighting attributes that are unique about me. She helped me blend multiple themes cohesively.
Throughout the process, Ms. Davlin was consistently understanding, patient, and caring. Now that I’ve worked with her I’m able to question and analyze my own writing independently, making me a stronger writer in other contexts."

Tran S.T.
New York University 2022

"Alisha was extremely helpful throughout my college application process. She was always available, gave great tips, and she is the main reason my essay ended up being so successful. Without her expertise and guidance, I truly believe I wouldn’t have been accepted into over a dozen universities."

Braeden Z.
Southern Methodist University 2022

“Once again I’d like to thank you very much for all your help throughout this process! Overall I really didn’t feel crazy stressed or anxious over the past few months mostly due to your help and knowing I have a wonderful and unique essay. I’m so excited and proud to say... I have chosen Fordham! It was not an easy decision by any means, but by midday April 28 I finally realized Fordham was where I wanted to be all along. Thank you for helping my craft a piece of writing I feel truly proud of and reflects me perfectly.”

Elizabeth K.
Fordham University 2022

“The college application has to be, by far, one of the most daunting tasks I’ve ever experienced thus far. This one event could be the deciding factor for my future. It’ll determine what jobs I get, the opportunities I’ll have access to, the friends I’ll make, and the standard of life I’ll experience in the future. The rest of my life is largely determined by my college experience, and I didn’t know where to begin when it came to the application process and the essays that I had to write. When my mum introduced me to Alisha, I knew I was in good hands. She took the time to help me brainstorm ideas, get my thoughts together, and encourage me when I felt like I couldn’t write anything. She didn’t just help me with my essays, but she came to my aid when I had to go for interviews. After submitting the applications, I was relieved because I thought the application process was over with and I just had to until March, but then I got emails telling me to attend interviews. I was frightened because I had never had an interview, but Alisha was there to guide me through the interview process, so that I was fully prepared when the interviews came around. Alisha was part of my support system and without her, I don’t think I could have gotten into the schools that I did.”

Melissa C.
Cornell University 2021

Parent Testimonials:

"Alisha is the best! My daughter started working with her over the summer to get a jump start on her common app essay. By the time she completed it, their brainstorming sessions left her with all the ideas she needed to put together the remaining supp essays, as well as essays for schools not on the common app. It was a pleasure to work with Alisha and we were thrilled with the results. Our best advice for anyone is to start over the summer."
Jodi L.
Parent of a Penn State bound student

“You have been a lifesaver for us. I don’t know what we would have done without you!”

Parent of Cornell University bound student

"We were very happy with Alisha’s work with our daughter on her personal essay - Alisha did a good job of helping our daughter come up with a topic that demonstrated who she is, and was able to help her highlight an aspect of her personality that was not otherwise apparent in the rest of the Common Application. It was very easy to work with Alisha; after the in-person sessions she was accessible via e-mail and Skype, and she was very responsive. We also appreciated Alisha's insight and guidance on the additional essay questions our daughter needed to supply with her applications.

She was accepted to all early action schools with merit scholarships, I think in most cases the top award possible. She has an interview with Yale the end of the this month. So far, so good. She was also invited to SUNY Binghamton honors college - so she has some choices and I think would be happy with the schools that have already accepted her."

Parent of St. Olaf College bound student

"We were very happy with Alisha’s work with our son on his college essay. Alisha encouraged him to look at the essay from a different perspective, which otherwise he would not have come up with. Her guidance and advices not only helped him to write a more creative and unique essay, but also made him more confident about himself and I am sure this will help him in the future. Alisha was responsive to emails and her professionalism and nice personality made her a good teacher for our son. He got admitted to different universities and made the decision to accept an offer from Rutgers Business School. Our experience was nothing but pleasure – Thank you Alisha."

Polina C.
Parent of Rutgers University bound student

“I am more than appreciative of all your assistance. I feel as we have been given a gift."

Parent of Mount Holyoke College bound student

“Our daughter had so many great choices and many people responded positively to her essay.”

Norman C.
Parent of Oberlin College bound student

Academic Tutoring:

“Dear Parent: Alisha has been working with our kids for the last FIVE years. We are very pleased with the progress our kids made since they started working with her. By watching her working with our children, we can unequivocally say that she is an excellent tutor and has great rapport with kids and their parents, and she is genuinely interested dedicated to their success."

Parent of Kent Place School student

"Alisha is a wonderful, kind, caring and, most of all, knowledgeable tutor. Not only does she know what is expected from kids on entrance exams and in school in general. She knows how to find that individual approach to a child that allows him/her to unlock their full potential."
Parent of Pingry School student

* More parent & student testimonials and references available upon request

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