"Free Range" Kids Summer Camp Cooperative

FREE RANGE KIDS SUMMER CAMP COOPERATIVE. Counselors / activities / schedules can get in the ways of kids just playing, using their creativity to have fun.  Please read the article for the general concept. Details: it's for kids age 8 and up, we're looking for a group of about 7 to 10 kids total, it would run the first week of the summer with the option of -- if the parents wanted to -- adding two or three weeks later in the summer, particularly toward the very end. Again, please read the article for the general concept. It's all free, parents just volunteer for a day a week. We're talking about modifying it somewhat so maybe it's a half day in the park and a half day at the pool or even (gasp!) inside, at someone's house. Definitely NOT for helicopter / worrying / scheduled activity-oriented parents. No electronics. We're fine with boredom (kids brains need that btw). If interested, please write in the comments below. If you have younger kids you might want to organize this on your own -- put up your own post here and see the many who responded to my post. Cheers!      http://www.freerangekids.com/how-to-give-your-kids-an-old-fashioned-summer/

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