---Gonna watch the moon?


I thought it would be a bust because of the clouds. I went out 8:45. There is patchy cloud cover and clear sky. 

Eclipse is 11:45.  I don't know if I have the steam to set up a tripod to photograph it.


It’s started. Pretty clear view of the bottom in shadow. 


watching now 


h-h-h-holy c-c-crap it's cold out there

Moon looked cool though.


h-h-h-holy c-c-crap it's cold out there

Moon looked cool though.

 Agreed. Moon looks rust colored.


It is beautiful but too cold to wait for full eclipse. I got some blurry photos.


I'm out there. Not taking pictures just absorbing. 


I got a few as it was starting, but it was soooo cold out there! I don't have a tripod, so couldn't get any clear pictures at the peak, but you can see the shadow on this in the lower left quadrant.


oh, that's so pretty!

Am jealous - a) it's daylight now anyway b) we're on the wrong angles for this eclipse even if we could somehow peer through murk.

Our last one, a bloody moon last year with a king tide, was very early morning and eerie-gorgeous but right at dawn so you could have easily missed it. 



Some cryotherapy out there last night!


Gorgeous photos!  Just peeked out the front door several times to see the stages. Absolutely beautiful; who thought we'd get a clear sky...

Was at the top of Norway in November to see the aurora.  Because of the jet stream, which hits that part of the country, days were about 50s and nights in the 20s. Positively balmy compared to New Jersey these days.  Ouch.

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