28" or bigger monitor (Mac Pro)

I'm looking for recommendations for a 28" (or bigger) monitor. I originally thought I'd like a large sized 4K monitor/TV, but not sure if that's the way to go (see original post below).

Thanks for any recommendations!

Original post:

Does anyone use a 4K monitor? Any recommendations? I'm looking at a variety of sizes, from 28 inches to 40 inches. I need a model with 60Hz. I'll be using with a Mac Pro (Dual AMD FirePro D500 graphics).

My main concern is the resolution. Will it be too small (especially the larger size screen)?

These models have been recommended to me:




Thanks for any help and advice!

Sorry, I have nothing to offer on 4k monitors. But do be aware that TN screens (which I noticed the Dell is, not sure about the others) typically have very limited viewing angles, which may or may not be important to you. Try to get a look at one before you buy.

Some of this depends on how you will be using the monitor. Will you be the sole viewer so that you can angle it perfectly to your position. Also, some designs are better for photo editing (accurate colors from wide angles) and others for gaming (fast response time without ghosting) etc.

I've found these two sites to be informative for reviews:



Please forgive my ignorance... what is TN?

I'm using the monitor mostly as a sole viewer, but occasionally with others. It's for music production with QT video.

I haven't used these. The prices differences are large. These days, Samsung is a very safe name.

Tom_Reingold said:

The prices differences are large.

That's what I don't get! Models with similar specs and size can vary $1000+ in price. I must be missing something.

I am far from a monitor expert, but specs don't indicate all qualities that are important. This is true with monitors and most other manufactured goods. Look at the differences between Apple computers and commodity PC's. Often, the specs on the PC's are the same or even better, but the Apple is just plain better made.

About seven years ago, I bought the cheapest 23" monitor I could find, an LG. It's been a disappointment, but it still works, so I'm not replacing it. It sounds like this is a long term investment. Don't go cheap.

Yes. Long term professional investment. I'll look at it everyday, 8+ hours, for years. That's why I want to get something great.

Check out whatever Apple is offering. They used to sell a great monitor for $1,000. They still might. And as I said, Samsung is a very safe brand these days. I don't know of any duds they make of any type of product.

Apple has a beautiful 27" display. It's $1k. Considerably more than most places (nearly double). So...

Bump! Still looking for suggestions. The ideal monitor would be around 28" or slightly bigger.

Maybe you should browse in a bricks and mortar store.

I have an aversion to Best Buy. Any other store recommendation?

I have the same aversion. Take the trip to Micro Center. Don't go on Saturday.

Thanks Tom. Forgot about them.

Hey Composerjohn:



Just found this list of suggestions. Some good advice!


This one especially looks really good - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00906HNZU/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00906HNZU&linkCode=as2&tag=du2009-20&linkId=LSHG4GJQBUNLS4TD

It's 27" (not a little bigger), but that might be okay.

I still say dig as deep as you can and buy the best you can afford, and maybe a little more.

Agreed. All the reviews on the ViewSonic (link above) are great. It's on sale at B&H for $618 (no tax). That's over $400 less than the Thunderbolt Display. I'll keep looking though.

The Viewsonic stresses value. The Apple stresses quality.

True. Though that doesn't necessarily mean it's not quality. The resolution and display specs are similar.

The big plus for the Thunderbolt Display - extra port connections, camera, beautiful frame. But it's expensive and I can get similar specs for less.

Composerjohn -- I have a Thunderbolt display (barely used) that I am selling so I will send you the specs via PM tonight and you can let me know if you're interested. I'm a little hesitant to sell via ebay because of shipping etc.

The Thunderbolt display really gets best used as a docking station for Mac laptops, where you don't have things like a wired Ethernet port. Most monitors these days act as a USB hub, and that's the ports you'd be most likely to use.

The design is what I think you'd most likely want to spring extra money for. It sounds like you're more concerned with keeping costs down. Often with non-Apple vendors their higher end equipment is a higher quality than their lower end equipment, but people rate the entire brand based on their lower end equipment, which is usually more commonly sold.

For instance, at work over the past 3 years I have had two Apple laptops (of 4) that had motherboard problems. In the same timeframe, I have a fleet of about 10 Dell laptops - mostly from the Precision line - and I've only had one hard drive failure. People will often rate Apple better than Dell, but that isn't the experience I've had.

$600 vs $900 is a pretty large difference. So as long as you're not that concerned about looks ) I'd go with the cheaper option.

(Full disclosure: All of our computers at home are Macs, but we're suckers for design!)

RossesPoint said:

Composerjohn -- I have a Thunderbolt display (barely used) that I am selling so I will send you the specs via PM tonight and you can let me know if you're interested. I'm a little hesitant to sell via ebay because of shipping etc.

Okay thanks, talk soon.

Thanks qrysdonnell. I'm most likely going to put the monitor on a mounting arm. I think the ViewSonic (or similar models) will look good. Agreed, the Thunderbolt display will probably look better. Can it be mounted?

It looks like it can be mounted, but I think you lose a lot of the design when you take the stand away. It might need an adapter with some stands too. What is currently in the Mac store definitely can't be connected to a normal monitor mount without some adapter as it just has a slot.

Is there a chance you will use several Thunderbolt devices? Check out the prices of Thunderbolt hubs! Insane!

There's always a chance I guess, especially since I'm hooking fast drives.

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