Achieve Honor Your Teacher(s) Issues w/form

I'm trying to honor some of our teachers but the site makes it a little wonky to do so. Some teachers will get one amount and some another. I thought that I could honor all receiving same amount on two separate forms and I can BUT...I only have 3 teachers on one form and the site won't allow me to move on w/out adding a 4th teacher. I don't wish to do that. Must I now individualize each form? I'm afraid it won't allow me to move on unless all 4 slots are filled in.

Is it me?

Sorry to hear the form is confusing. The form allows for 1-5 tributes, and the amount is only noted at the end. So for example, if you wanted 10+10+10+15, you simply enter $45 at the end. I believe the reason we do it this way is that there are transaction fees for PP, so one amount for several tributes is the best way to get more of the money working for our schools. I hope this helps.

Thanks @kwissel. I entered 3 teachers and the total amount at the end. All 3 teachers have the same amount (I think you have to give a set amount at the top of the form). I was circled back to the form and the 4th entry, which was blank, was highlighted indicating that a 4th teacher should go in that space. ARRRGHHH!

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