Any good videos for golf tips?

Yeah - I know the season is pretty much over.  I just recently got the golf bug.  Any recommended youtube videos would be great! TIA

Check Tim Conway videos.

Jamie, if you're serious about playing the game properly, and possibly even well, find a pro you like, and can communicate with, and spend a little to get proper instruction. Videos won;t do, until you have the basics of grip, address and swing. Once you have those, and have done them for some time, then you can worry about fine-tuning. You will then find that 99.9% of videos will destroy everything you worked so hard to learn. The game will drive you nuts, if you let it. But it also provides you intense joy when you actually hit a great shot. Good luck.

yeah - I should probably get a lesson or two - was just trying to save some money.  

I do get great tips from whoever I go out with.  I've only played 5 times or so.

I was pretty happy when I sank a par 4 - 300 yard hole.

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