Any ideas for this gift category?

So here's the story, my cousins want to chip in for a gift for my daughter's bat mitzvah which is pretty soon. They gave me the following category which I think is really cool and I think she may actually like:
"want to chip in for something that has to do with animal, biology and nature." She's already doing the zoo crew this Summer at the Turtle Back Zoo so that is out. Any other ideas for something that is active?? She's not the classroom type of kid. Thanks

Go to Camden Aquarium site and look at swimming with the sharks. It's really great. Mazel Tov, btw!

Penguin encounter at the mystic acquarium.

It is a long way but a trip to the Cape May Whale watching and research center...they have several different packages of things to do which would be teen appropriate. or, even just a dolphin watching trip off the jersey shore.

I think they also have a Beluga encounter at Mystic Aquarium. There's whale watching from Cape May.

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There is a wolf preserve inside a campground out near delaware water gap where you can tent out and then take a tour of the wolf camp. We did it last summer, it was interesting and unusual. Lakota Wolf Preserve was the name.

A friend of mine did the beluga encounter at mystic and said it was amazing!

Nice dinner then a sleepover at the Museum of Natural History in NYC?

Aquarium at Coney Island and a day at the beach-- especially nice in early spring before it's crowded.

Keep 'em coming. Turns out that the Camden aquarium also has a Penguin and Sea Turtle Adventure. Where were these things when I was a kid. Damn, I know that getting a lot of cash is great for a bat mitzvah but a present of a little adventure now is also pretty damn cool (IMHO)!

Something at the Raptor Trust?

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