Any recommendation for an SAT tutoring school or an individual tutor for a very bright math student, not interested in Stanley Kaplan or Princeton review.

Looking for feedback from parents who have a child who just needed a slight push to get into the 700's in math and english. I know now is the time to look for a tutor.

We liked Creative Dimensions in Chatham, but I have heard that the quality of the tutors can vary. When we signed up, I asked chatted with the owner and got recommendations and both tutors worked well.

We're currently using The Tutor Shack (Montclair) for chemistry and math tutoring and likely will use them for SAT and/or ACT prep.

We are using Wyzant. Wyzant allows you to choose a tutor (SAT/ACT or just regular tutoring) in your area based on what your child needs. They have background checks and online reports based on previous users. We're on our 2nd tutor (the first was great but schedules changed) and he's been extremely helpful in getting our son's scores up. BTW, we got the service via the guidance counselor.

Priddy Learning Academy in Millburn. 973-564-7712. Excellent experience, our child connected with her tutor, very effective, flexible scheduling, highly recommended!

Dave Huemer:

Highly recommend.

Kid's friends also liked Chyten in Millburn.

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