Are there any new parent/soon-to-be-parent groups in the area right now?

I'm due around Christmas, and there always seem to be so many young families around town - thought it might be nice to have some casual hangouts with others going through similar things.

There are groups that meet up through the Soma chapter of Mothers and More--it's a great resource! You could also probably ask on the FB soma lounge group and I'm sure people would pipe up. New parents are usually pretty...I won't use the word desperate, but.... anxious to meet other new parents. oh oh Good luck and congrats!

I searched FB for a "soma lounge group" etc. but didn't find anything. Is there a link I could follow?

It's Swap SOMa Lounge. It's a closed group, but think they accept anyone who lives in Maplewood, South Orange or adjoining towns.

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