Baby Eczema

Asking for a relative: 

Anybody have experience dealing with severe infant eczema that is not well controlled?

If so, what type of doctor helped? Allergist, dermatologist? Any specific doctors in the New Brinswick area you might suggest? (I know that's a long shot!)

Thank you!

(Definitely not interested in suggested diets for nursing mom, creams, etc. She's already done way too much of that.)

I had a kid with severe infant eczema.  From our experience, I would suggest a visit to a pediatric allergist.  Dermatologists can prescribe cortizone but often it just takes care of symptoms and they flare again after usage has been stopped.  Plus prolonged cortizone use can have a bad effect on skin. 

No recs in the New Brunswick area, but highly recommend the pediatric allergy practice at Mt. Sinai.  I know it's a trek, but very worth it in my opinion.  As a nursing mom, she should definitely get medical advice before restricting diet. 

In the meantime, those footed long sleeved one piece baby clothes are best to keep baby from scratching when you are not looking. 

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