Basement renovation contractors?

I've posted before and re-read just about every post re: basement renovations to no avail. Figured I'd post again in hopes of hitting the jackpot for a basement renovation contractor.

I've called, emailed and reached out to just about every contractor suggested on this board...and can't get a single one to follow through and renovate our basement.

We're not doing anything crazy: renovating a single-family home basement, install 1/2 bath, laundry room....standard fare for Maplewood.

I have this wheelbarrow of money that I will come dump on your place of business. All you have to do is renovate my basement. All of this money could be yours.

Happy to show you the results of our new basement from our new favorite contractor

Paul Kostrowski
(973) 635-8578

Thanks @bak will PM you tomorrow (cant seem to do it on iPhone).

I heartily suggest you reach out to Homeowners Hub in South Orange. They do it all with reliability and terrific professionalism. 844.HUB.7272 Ask for Sandi.

have your tried Rob Testa ( he did ours) 908-868-4347 or Tony at Summit (he did our bathrooms and kitchen (908) 644-9819

We used Hoffman Design-Build. They are located in Morristown. Our basement was flooded due to a self-destructing water heater while we were on vacation several years ago. After remediation, we were down to subfloor and cinderblock walls. Ernie (Hoffman) and his company did a very nice job on refinishing the entire basement. They were easy to work with and responsive, and we were happy with them and their work.

Their contact info is:
365 South St #2, Morristown, NJ 07960
(973) 998-6820
and a link to their website if you want to check them out is:

eta: If you look at their website, they show lots of enormous houses with completely open layouts, etc. Our house is a typical Maplewood house, not a mansion, and they worked within its style. The job included replacing the staircase from the main floor to the basement (we built-in storage under it and a closet), replacing the windows, putting in a ceiling to replace what had been only a partial ceiling combined with exposed beams and wiring, carving out a laundry room, making a home office and a den and a more organized workroom by the boiler/hot water heater. So they do "normal" homes as well as the much larger places they put up on their site.

Did you reach out to Steve Ramos? He did an incredible job for us.

Can you guys PM me some photos of Basement and Bathroom work?

Tom Zembellis of Zemrock Contracting (973-615-3315) built a bathroom and bedroom in our basement. He competes work well, courteously and on time.

Tried many of the suggestions here and don't receive a call back after numerous attempts. I suppose good contractors are always busy?

I am busy but I will call back. Dave Greene 908.612.9053

John Clayton

I have used Randy at RJO home improvements. He is not going to be the cheapest but has fair prices and does a excellent job.

Thanks RinnyTin, that link is no longer available. We just updated our web site today. Carry on.

We ended up going with Clayton Contracting. Reasonable price, excellent communication/he's been very responsive so far and has had some great solutions for the space.

John has done lots of work at our house and I have always been pleased. Ethical, easy to work with, and knows his stuff.'

A third for John.... my go to!  He does great work, is smart, hard working, fair.  You can also tell a good contractor by how they treat their workers -- he'd be a man that I'd have my kid work for.


Figured I'd post an 'After' pic now that the basement is finally done. Clayton (@demolitionman2012 here on MOL) did a great job! On-budget, communication was A++++ and had creative solutions to make the most of our space.

Congratulations--makes such a difference.

Thanks for the kind words. You guys were great to work with. Enjoy the space.

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