Before and Aftercare Tuscan

Kids are enrolled at Tuscan, I'm trying to find out about before and aftercare, Can you register your children at school or do you have to go to the YMCA? Also, is it effective immediately?  Thanks

Good luck. My sister had a potential change to work hours, and tried to find out about getting her kid enrolled in aftercare last month (at another school in the district). She called the YMCA. She went in-person after school. She went in-person to the YMCA. At each point, she had her information taken, and was told someone would get back to her. No one did. Fortunately, the job hours didn't change, so aftercare ended up not being needed -- but she was incredibly frustrated with the experience.

My son is enrolled in aftercare through the Y at South Mountain Annex, but as far as I know the system would be the same for Tuscan.

(Caveat to this is my wife has done most of the big actions with regard to sign ups, so I may not be exact, but I should have the general gist down. Also, I actually only know about after care because my kid takes the bus and the bus timing takes care of any before care needs. Three cheers for the bus!)

First things first: Aftercare can be full. And they can't add more people if it's full. You might assume that if it was full they would just add more aftercare but it's not simple to add more aftercare.

You will generally have two options for location 1) at the school or 2) at the program center on Jefferson (generally what people would call 'the Y'). The program center has slightly longer hours, but that makes it more desirable and it fills up more quickly as a result. They are working on a 3rd location, a church in Downtown South Orange, but they licensing isn't in place yet.

We wanted to do the program center because of the extra time for pickup, but couldn't get in, despite my wife being pretty aggressive at the time to sing up. We got on the waiting list but nothing opened up before school started. Once school got going he got used to the staff and friends at the school-based after care that we opted to not move him once space opened up at the program center. For what it's worth, my kid loves the aftercare.

If you haven't discovered it yet, you will probably also need to sign up for vacation camp for days that school is out. That is also through the Y.

All registration and payment is done through the Y. The schools pretty much just provide the space.

Thank you all for your replies. I must say for the money they charge monthly they are NOT helpful. The place is run by kids or so it seems. As of right now aftercare is full. I was told to get on the waitlist which sucks because I needed the aftercare now. I find that they aren't great with follow up. Basically it's cheaper and more convenient to hire someone to grab the kids from school and take them back to my home until I am off from work. 

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