Best Local Place for Baby's 1st Haircut?

Where should I take our 2 year old for their first haircut? Very curly hair!

We've had our two year old's hair cut twice since moving here and while the Great Clips in Vauxhall is servicable, we ended up finding a place called Kids Hair Salon in Verona that was a little more kid friendly. They even have a seat that is a Mini Cooper and as our kid is obsessed with Minis we pretty much only have one choice as to where to take him in the future.

we've had fine luck with the kids cuts place in the Livingston Mall. TV's and car chairs. The woman gave me the clippings from my toddler's first haircut even though i don't care nearly as much about these kinds of milestones the second time around (poor second child). It was nice of them, though. That bag of hair clippings is somewhere in my house.......

That said, my kids have relatively straight hair so I don't know what a curly hair situation would be like.

Berkeley's Cuts for Kids in Berkeley Heights is great. Also with the special chairs and TVs and whatnot. My daughter cried at the Livingston Mall place (I think because it was really crowded at the time and she was overwhelmed) but the Berkeley's Cuts for Kids is pretty chill so she's been much more relaxed since then (she's also gotten older, so I'm sure the maturity that comes with age has helped that too).

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