Boeing, FDA seem a bit tone deaf


It seems that Boeing misjudged the 737 Max problems a bit and instead of pre-emptively suggesting a grounding out of an abundance of caution essentially had their hand forced by other national airlines.


Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenberg reportedly put in a call with President Donald Trump on Tuesday to try to convince him not to ground his company’s embattled 737 Max 8 planes after two such models crashed in a matter of months. A number of countries have decided to keep the planes out of the air, but not the United States.


Boeing spent $275,000,000 on lobbying from 1998-2018.


Boeing has approximately half a trillion dollars of open orders for the 737 Max series.


I think you mean the FAA...


They are grounded now


the FAA and airline industry have a long history of only reacting to threats and then only when forced to do so. They wait until people die and then they take action. Those planes should have been grounded (whether it was a mechanical overhaul needed or additional pilot training) after the first crash. It seems there was enough evidence after that first crash to at least create the possibility something wasn’t quite right with these planes.

mrincredible said:
I think you mean the FAA...

 But while we're on the line with the FDA, let's talk about airline food standards...


I thought this was an interesting (disturbing) article. Note the date.


if this is true, it's one more thing that Dear Leader is responsible for:

Boeing's safety update to 737 Max was reportedly delayed due to government shutdown


I think that’s Boeing trying to cover their a&*es. If the planes needed a software fix, then the planes should have been on the ground until it was put in place whether it took a month or 6 to get it done.


Have they tried unplugging and then plugging back in. I know: : morbid joke. question 


this story gets more disgusting and terrifying. Boeing seems to have made some really bad decisions here.

CNN. An off-duty pilot in the cockpit of a Boeing 737 Max 8 jet jumped in to help crew disable a malfunctioning flight-control system as it experienced difficulties in October, according to Bloomberg.

The next day, with a different crew, the same plane crashed into the sea off Jakarta, killing all 189 people on board.


Boeing did not include any information on the MCAS control system in their training manuals.  They made a decision to exclude this information.  Pilots were not aware of its existence.

Think about that.

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