Call for Rumage Sale Donations to Benefit Furry Hearts Rescue


Toys, Games, Baskets, Holiday items, Gently used house hold items, Small electronics, Sports equipment in GOOD condition, Pet items, costumes, and Clean linens.

(NO clothes, NO non-working or broken items, and NO tube tvs please)

Drop off at Puppy Love Spa
1835 Springfield Ave Maplewood, nj
or arrange pick up with us • call 973-761-0330

All proceeds will benefit Furry Hearts Rescue, Maplewood, N.J.
(Furry Hearts is a 501c3 organization)

SALE DATE IS SUNDAY, MAY 3. Deadline to donate items is May 1.

Please share with all you know!

It says no clothes in the first post.

Do you still have Denise?

Yes I saw that just asking in case they might want to consider it. They accepted clothes and shoes the last time and I have more to donate.

Last time they didn't want books. Wonder if they want books this time? No mention of that.

Yes, Denise still needs a foster/adopter.

Prefer no books. No Clothes because we didn't have any way of displaying them properly, it was really difficult to sort and keep sorted and took up so much space.

It will be a one-day sale on Sunday, May 3rd.

What times can we drop off?

Drop off can be:
Monday-Saturday 7:30am- 7pm
Sunday 9am-5pm

I'm putting a few things together to donate. I'd be willing to coordinate pickup of some items in West Orange if anyone needs it. I have a Toyota Highlander so no pianos or refrigerators.

What happens to everything that doesn't get sold?

Furry Hearts donates the unsold items.

Would you take coffee table/art books?

Yes--coffee table in good selling condition--yes.

Te books you can hold on to just a month or so more until Morrow church starts taking donations--they will happily take books

jeanne, I'm pretty sure elsie meant coffee table books.

I just want to say that I got a few things that I really love from this sale last year, so I'm looking forward to it. I'll see if I can find some things to donate as well.

Jeanneh, i'm in the process of clearing out my basement/attic. instead of packing up the stuff and bringing it over is it possible if you, or who ever is doing the rummage sale, wants to come to my house to pick out whatever they would like for the sale? if yes then I will give you my number so we can connect.

Yes--you can call call 973-761-0330 and arrange a day and time for pick up. Speak with Lisa.

Thank you so much!!!!

Back again ... Big sized art books ok?

Have a large dollhouse that we'll drop off at Puppy Love tomorrow or Friday. Glad it'll go to a good use.

One of the problems with books is that the sale was held outdoors last year, and it started to rain at one point, and there wasn't sufficient cover to protect things that shouldn't get wet, like books.

Anyone with books--just hang on to them a little longer--Morrow church will take your book donations in June.

I plan to bring some things by! What a great opportunity to donate to a good cause (while not having to have my own garage sale!)

Good Luck!

Thanks cody!

All proceeds from the sale for Furry Heart goes directly to the animals. We are just on the verge of kitten season, and the TNVR is underway, so there will be little ones to vet, and ferals to spay and neuter...and of course Furry hearts also has a few dogs for adoption that get full vet care, and food and toys and beds while they wait for their forever home.

I've got two boxes. I need to bring them over. Soon, I promise!!!!! By end of week.

TGIF! GIVE AND GET FREE FRIDAY at Puppy Love on 1835 Springfield Ave., in Maplewood.

Bring in quality kitten or cat food, kitty litter, baby kitten formula, or quality dog food and get your pet’s nails clipped and ground for FREE!

Donations are being accepted at Puppy Love to benefit Furry Hearts Rescue on the last Friday of the month. (That's tomorrow!)

Such a great cause! I can't wait to get my Denise.

Is the salon open today????? I want to drop off items, but am concerned it might not be open because of the water issues.

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