Car Key Battery

I used to purchase this at Radio Shack but they are no more. They would replace it for me which was helpful.I think it's a coin cell lithium battery.

CVS should have them.

There’s a Batteries Plus on route 22 which can help.

I just replaced the battery in my Honda fob, and found a very helpful video on line that was made by some Honda dealer in the mid-west.  Worth googling to see what you can locate for guidance if you want to do it yourself. 

Target sells them. Just bought one there for my car. 

Check your user's manual for instructions on how to replace the battery, including which battery you need.  Google the battery number with your zip code.  Lots of local sources should come up.  

Yeah, I got a 2 pack of 3v lithium Duracells from Amazon for less than $3.50.

I took mine to the car dealer.  Nissan dealer charged $3.50 to change them.  For the BMW they did for no charge.  

Thanks everyone. Amazon delivered it so quickly. 

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