Can anyone recommend a good daycare or a daytime nanny to start mid December for a 3 month old? How much is a reasonable rate for a nanny? What is a reasonable price of a daycare? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.



Daycare places usually have wait lists( some over a year long) I would start calling now if you want to go that route. cost for newborns around 2200 a month. As for nannies I don't have a clue.

In my experience a nanny can cost anywhere between $2500 to $3500 per month. Depends on your agreement (ahem, will you/she pay taxes + insurance - you should), age of the child and whether you expect other services as well (child's laundry, making food (for baby, light housekeeping, ect).

Good luck!

I know people that pay nannies $10/hour...the more qualified (child care courses, with an agency, etc) the more expensive...also depend on what you want them to do (how much housework, shelping the kid around, etc).

if you just want someone to sit in the house, go for walks and only take care of baby related can probably get a grandmotherly type for $10/hour.

Do you work near home? You have to consider if you'd rather have daycare near home or your work if you work far away...

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