College math tutor needed immediately

My daughter has two more weeks of intro to college math (Math 100) at Essex County College. She has a test on Monday and is having a hard time. She needs a tutor for tomorrow late afternoon, probably also Sunday, and then a couple of times over the next two weeks. Please inbox me if you are available. I have also posted this in the help wanted section.

Probably not enough lead time but my first thought would be to contact the college and see if they have a roster of approved tutors who could do this. Second thought if math covered by the course isn't too advanced would be to check with the Achieve Foundation to see if one of their math tutors would be able to help out.

Maybe try the SOMA Sitters and Tutors Facebook group?

Tutor shack might have someone available at this late date. (My daughter likes her tutor, Jon.)

I am a math teacher at CHS and have been tutoring for 15 years.......If you haven't found anyone for your daughter yet and you are still in need of a tutor my email is

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