Daily Dose of CUTE! It's been a while!

Those little white pawsies make this even that much cuter!

too cute

some others...

how to break up a kitten fight

sleepy kitten

Yay kittens!!!

So cute. I'm pretty sure I've seen both of those and others just like them before!


Kittens grow up to be cats. Babies grow up to be teenagers. You still love them, but boy, you sure do miss when they were little and cute!

That kitten has some serious jazz paws. :rolling:

i keep seeing this video all over the place! it's so cute it made the aol sign in page! it's so much fun to watch!

Posted By: PeggyCThat kitten has some serious jazz paws.

You are on a roll tonight, girl. Kitty jazz paws!

O.K. I think I might just have to EAT little Miss Seqouia!!

matb i love it! why can't they stay that small!?

OMG, that callico is ADORABLE! I want one!!!!!!

I want MORE than one!

Good thing I have a husband to rein me in!

OBEDIAH! He sounds like a little electronic kids toy!

And I'm just loving the names on these kitties!


From the same person as Obediah!

:rolling: Annabelle is hysterical! But she missed a cue somewhere there in the middle. Late entrance. :rolling:

Obediah wishes he weren't so cute. To his viewpoint, he is roaring.

those two persians look like little cotton balls with a smudge of dirt on them! they are too cute! where do you find these?

I just go to YouTube and search for Persian Kittens. Obediah is a Chinchilla. That's my next baby. Someday!

And for my dog loving friends, PUG PUPPIES! So round and rollie-pollie and silly and FEROCIOUS!

Those puppies are just little barrels with ears! :rolling:

..oh gawd---you are killing me!

Posted By: PeggyCThose puppies are just little barrels with ears!

I love how they have trouble righting themselves if they get rolled on their backs!

Posted By: calliope..oh gawd---you are killing me!

I know, but isn't it DELICIOUS!

Anabelle has star power.

Posted By: meandtheboysI love how they have trouble righting themselves if they get rolled on their backs!

Yes! It's like tipping a turtle on its back. So funny... well, OK, the turtle's not funny, it's kind of cruel, but the puppies are a riot!!!!!!

OH MY! The EYES! They slay me!

Meet Maru! He's nuts about boxes!

meand....you're KILLIN me!

i love the doe eyes on the kitten! and i love how the box kitty just slides across the floor head first all sprawled out into the box!

Maru's got some cute buttocks!

Posted By: TigerLillymeand....you're KILLIN me!

It's killin' me too, but it's all good, no? Gee whiz, who could have an aversion to cuteness?

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