Day Laborers?

Need two or three guys to help move a heavy piece of furniture into my son's pick up truck for transport back to MA. Where would would I find some day laborers anound here?

I used a local mover when I had to move furniture out of my attic to my basement:
Rich and son moving

They came same day and were very reasonable.

I've seen folks who look like day laborers congregate on Scotland Road in orange, 5 mins from downtown South Orange. Near the intersection that used to have a few gas stations and now has only one I think.

Do folks still hang out by home depot?

You might try one of the various landscapers that are running around...

Yeah, there are always guys at Scotland and Central in Orange, across from the White Castle.

Well, the furniture piece wouldn't fit in the back of the pick up, so we are looking at shipping it up to MA, anyone here ever use a freight company before? results and recs?

How about uShip? Just don't hire Jared . (Insert Shipping Wars joke here)

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