Delayed opening traffic. 10:00 a.m.

Parker Ave (East) was bumper to bumper for 8 blocks, heading towards the h.s.

Now ya got two extra hours to get your kid's butt out of the rack, dust him off, hose him down, stuff a donut down him and get him to school.

Why wait 'till the last possible minute?

The traffic started at around 9:50ish...that when the line of cars passed Summit and Parker.

FJJ en fuego this week with the curmudgeonism. Keep it up. 

In fact you've inspired me to rant about my train commute this morning which really s---ed. 732 from SO was about 40 mins late to arrive and then another 30 mins en route. SRO. Yes the weather, but at least 2-3 trains blasted by us as we were doing 5 mph, and we made an additional stop at Secaucus to pick up virtually nobody.   


Wait about 5 more minutes. You'll get a post, telling you to suck it up. Be glad you ain't gotta walk to Manhattan, then swim across the Hudson (if that's where you went).

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