Dental Cleanings

Have been getting this done at the dentist but because of lack of deligence and crappy teeth spacing I need to get this done more often...every month. Dentist charges $195 per cleaning. Anyone know a more reasonable service?

Is the dentist doing this personally or is the work being done by a dental hygienist associated with the practice?

Every month for how long? Doesn't sound warranted to me. I could see possibly an expensive "deep cleaning" once or twice, followed by checkups a little more often than average (once every six months) for a while, assuming you follow the regimen the dentist recommends.

Before I had dental insurance I used this plan:

Justin Fried's office doesn't charge us that much. I think it's more like $120 each time.

Yeah, we didn't have dental insurance for awhile and I don't think it was more than $100 for a cleaning at Dr. Fried's (though I might be thinking of my kid's cleaning??). Either way, it wasn't anywhere near $195.

I'm on a more frequent dental cleaning schedule as well so I relate. I like both Dr. Fried and Dr. Krosser. I messaged you.

Go to a dental school and have the students do it less expensively.

I have to go quarterly. Because I have avoided (or caught early) erosion, decay and gingivitis I believe I have saved a small fortune. (Plus, the hygienist I see is really interesting.)

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