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Just finished Part two of End of Time, and feh. Not enough Timothy Dalton and too much revisiting the old partners. Nice to see John Boorman though.

Out goes David Tennant and in comes Matt Smith:

My adorable significant other gave me this as one of my holiday gifts:

Posted By: zottsJust finished Part two of End of Time, and feh. Not enough Timothy Dalton

The narration throughout the END OF TIME was not enough for me either. LOL TD is such a great actor! I do understand that they did not want to create a larger part for Tim, it would have upstaged David on his final episode as the Doctor.

Posted By: zotts...and too much revisiting the old partners.

The writers gave the DT (David Tennant) Doctor closure, to end his relationships (or perhaps not, its difficult to tell how the story will flow from season to season and doctor to doctor)with his companions. This extended (although unnecessary) regeneration process was done with the intention to condition the audience to realize that the next Doctor will not be like DT. It was grandiose for a transition, it felt like a Series Finale instead of a Season Finale.

There's a great article on i09 about some questions brought up by the finale:

I thought the Lady in White/Time Lady was his mother. I'm also not thrilled about the new Doctor shooting a gun in that promo (if that's the one I saw the other day...can't watch it now with a sick kid snoozing next to me...)

Also, dude. The new doctor STILL looks 12 to me.

Posted By: amieI thought the Lady in White/Time Lady was his mother.

That was the general consensus at our place. Russell Davies made a comment that if that character's identity were to be revealed, then it's entirely up to the next producer as to who she really is.

What actually happened to the Master? Even though that final scene was completely ripped off from Return of the Jedi, I hope that he comes back at some point. John Simm was great.

Posted By: amieI'm also not thrilled about the new Doctor shooting a gun in that promo (if that's the one I saw the other day...can't watch it now with a sick kid snoozing next to me...)

I assumed it was one of those things that looks shocking in a trailer, but in context, the Doctor is really firing a potato gun to knock out a lightbulb (or something like that). :wink: I liked the little glimpses of Angels from "Blink" and River Song from the library episode.

Sharon - stay away from this thread, eh?? :wink:

I can't NOT look, Jo!!!!

:facepalm:We haven't watched any of the latest offerings yet - this time, I can't offer to spoil anything for you :wink: :wink:

Have we checked out the new design for the TARDIS? Any comments? The various accessibility design gurus I know are furious - lots of comments about how Dr previously needed to use a wheelchair, or went through periods with diminished senses, and this is hopeless design...


:peace: well, actually, when the Beeb released the info this week (I think it was), they did so to invite comment so it's not really a spoiler, more a teaser....

Personally I hate these dark messy gloomy interiors. I liked the white almost limitless ones of the Tom Baker era. You could actually see where you're going, what you're doing. (Admittedly, there could be a tendency to snow blindness)

Sharon, we've caught up on the last few 'specials' and are up-to-date. One weekend of dedicated DVD enjoyment. You, too, can have this pleasure :wink: (Actually we'd love to have you round to share the fun - thinking of visiting Australia??)

Meh. At least I saw those angel creatures from Blink in there. They were cool.

I agree with amie, the new Doc looks too young. and a little weird??? (might I say...)

That was awesome! It's a tall order to reboot the show with a new cast, but Steven Moffat did a remarkable job with the handover. Fun to have a brand new take on the series. :thumbup:

Oh really - this article reeks of desperate attempts to stay in the front pages of the news sheets Sharon, you can read it - but it may break your heart. (relates to very old stuff)

Do we know or care if Dr Who was written or devised by druggies? Or was it just the special FX folk who were using? Or were they all just pretending, so they appeal to the psychedelic generation, like nearly every other mass marketer?? And did any of us really not know any of this, after the opening credits???

DH did some trolling on the interwebs and we've now seen the 2 season 6 episodes broadcast so far. No spoilers from me, but... meh. The opener (Eleventh Hour) was lots of fun, but The Beast Below didn't do much for either DH or me.

Every Doctor takes awhile to get used to, and I can see where Matt Smith has some really great possibilities... but Oh how I miss David Tennant! :cry:

we caught Eccleston in something over the weekend, and I do miss his Dr - he brought lovely darkness and bitterness to a character often portrayed in a breezy fashion. Pity about his ears, they do stick out a little and make me think of Walter and Grommit... :wink:

I actually really liked both episodes, and thought that "The Beast Below" was a nice throwback to the older series in terms of its plot and pacing (with a splash of Star Wars homages to boot). Mrs. 37 is a die-hard Tennant loyalist, but I had to remind her that she was initially mad when he'd first taken over from her beloved Christopher Eccleston. :wink:

I like the new cast so far. It's too early to tell where Smith is going with his performance, but in the meantime, Karen Gillan's wide-eyed facial expressions are great. :shocked: :bigsmile:

The cast and Steven Moffat are in NYC this week, doing a free screening tonight in the Village (they also did an event at the Apple Store). I didn't even bother, figuring that people were lining up at the theater since this morning. In any case, the show premieres here on BBC America this Saturday. I, on the other hand, will be watching episode 3...

just un-archived and joined the second show of this season, think I'll watch it tonight or tomorrow morning.
I wasn't expecting much from the new Doctor, but I do believe he will grow on me, and the new companion is already in the bank.

Watched episode 3, "Victory of the Daleks"...

Hoo-boy. Without giving anything away, they should have just called it Toy Commercial. :sad:

Next week looks interesting, though. She's back!

Victory of the Daleks: meh.

Was reading a NY Times piece in the last couple of days that hit it pretty well: the new characters have all the right stuff, or the potential right stuff at least - but the writing is falling flat.

I'll find out tonight

well three eps in and not too impressed. Matt Smith has a wonky face and not much personality. Karen Gillian is pretty tho, so I'll keep downloading for her.

she will keep me watching, and I think Smith has some potential.

Finale was *awesome*. It had a very different feel from previous years (which was good), tied the season together in an unusual way and set the stage for next year. Next stop: Christmas 2010!

still haven't seen any of this Dr. Other-half is 'waiting till we get it all from [friend in Melbourne]' which is bloody ridiculous as meanwhile it's all being shown free-to-air with no commercial breaks AND with the 'Confidentials' afterwards (I love watching them, and friend never bothers to get them). Midsomer Murders is NOT Dr-substitution!!! :facepalm:

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