Dog boarding recommendations?

We need to find a nice spot for our guy over Memorial Day weekend. Anyone have a place they're happy with? 

Looking for somewhere that doesn't feel like we're leaving him in dog jail. Sad. 

 I've only used them for grooming, but the PetSmart on Rte 10 has much to offer, and the employees are very friendly & caring.  They also have a vet's office right there should anything untoward happen.

I think if you do a search on them here you'll find many recommendations.  You may also find recc's for a place further away that's more like a doggie sleep-way camp --lots os space for outdoor play.  But I have no first-hand experience with them.

@Moamar:  I also know of several young women locally (including my very responsible, 30-year-old  daughter) who dog sit regularly.  They will come several times a day to feed & walk, but also live in at owner's homes.  PM me if you'd like their contact info.  I'll also direct them to your post.

The other place I was thinking of was "Doggon(e?) Farm."

Doggone farm is great, but not cheap.  And you will be amazed at how quickly places fill up.  Move fast.

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