Dr. Justin Fried's Sensodyne commerical

Anyone else see it? Played on HG TV Monday night. I was so proud to see MY dentist on TV!

Project38 had his very first dentist's visit with Dr. Justin yesterday (and had a great time) - will have to keep an eye out for this. :bigsmile:

Yes! I saw it! Really cool! Obviously, I am proud because he is one of our home town boyz makes it big time AND because he fixed up a bad tooth for me. Great guy.

Get Out!
I was in with him today (disclaimer, I have worked for him in the past).
Great Dentist,
Great Staff,
Great Family...
In the many months that I had worked for him he had always gone out of his way to accommodate patients in ways that are above and beyond.
Too many to mention here, but his patients are beyond loyal, many that travel hours to visit him.

Also, got to give a shout out to his wonderful, beautiful wife Randi who makes it all possible.
Hoping to see the commercial soon.

we miss him terribly, especially kidrock. great dentist.

When i saw this thread i KNEW Justin was now truly famous. (I have yet to see the ad!)

Celebrity Dentist...cool!

I usually watch tv during my cleanings. It would be funny for the ad to air while in the chair.

It's funny that I was reading a magazine and it was late and the tv was on and I was sort of paying attention and then I thought "I know that voice" ... thank goodness that I can now rewind live TV ... I did and there he was!

So is this like a local cable spot, or is it a for-real commercial, or what? I looked to see if I could find it on Youtube, but I couldn't. I'd really like to show it to my daughter. She'd get a huge kick out of seeing her dentist on TV.

I looked on youtube too. It is a real spot - not a local access (I assume not since it is for Sensodyne and doesn't mention Maplewood). He talks about how Sensodyne works - looks like it was shot in his office. I am on a mission to find it online!

flava-- we miss him too! We actually drove back a few months ago because LBR was having an anxiety attack at the new dentist. Dr. Fried was amazing.

Sadly LBR needs a lot of work, and driving back isn't feasible. We found a dentist here which he does great at, however they are ridiculously $$$$$$$$

OMG - I saw it for a split second & thought it was him!!

My guess is she typed the reply seven years ago but forgot to submit. It's been in an open browser tab since then. She finally discovered it recently and decided it was important enough to post.

Some people never shut down their computers and keep several tabs open.

Did we have browser tabs in 2010?

The simplest explanation is usually the right one.

Here's a new browser Tab.

Still, a little freaky to open the thread, thinking, but I saw that commercial several years ago, scroll through the comments and read one by justmelaura. Sigh.

LOVE IT! Always wondered if those tv dentists were real dentists and because Dr. Fried sees my kids, I can surely vouch for his realness. Fabulous! Now if we can get Dr. Bae an ad...

I figured I'd use this opportunity to give Dr. Fired a shout-out. He's a fantastic dentist who goes way above and beyond. Two examples:

1) A few years back, my daughter broke her front teeth on a Friday evening (giving her little sister a piggy-back ride in front of Strawberry Fields). Called Dr. Fried, who met us at his office 30 mins later to do the restoration.

2) Had a change of insurance recently, so I had to find a new dentist. Went to the new dentist in Livingston - was told I had 3 cavities (after not having any the past 7 years at Fried's). Feeling a bit suspicious since there was no discomfort, I made an appointment to see Fried to get his thoughts...Not only did he squeeze me in on very short notice, but he determined there was no need for work at this point...Additionally, he had his staff work it out so I could use the new insurance going forward!

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