e-books are wonderful

When the coronavirus came along I decided to try e-books. Maplewood and South Orange libraries have LIBBY books This is all free.. What a variety . So far I have read 6, all books I had wanted to read,some published this year and some older. Here are a few -  Donna Leon  is a great writer of crime fiction set in Venice.Her latest is Crime Elements. I've read them all and you get a wonderful perspective of Venice.Characters are great. Donna is from Montclair but has lived in Venice for 30 years.   My Dark Vanessa is a little frightening,a first novel by a Maine author who had a little help from Steven King. It's about an older teacher at a private school and his student. Couldn't put it down.   A Single Thread by Tracy Chevalier who wrote The Girl with the Pearl Earring. Her stories are pleasant and you learn some history. More a book for women to read. Very enjoyable.  A Column of Fire is lengthy ,didn't start out too well but develops fine. Lots of  history from 1500 .  This is just a variety. I still miss reading from a book but for now this is okay.

E-books have been a life-saver for us, especially for the kids.  We have had Kindles around for years, but only used them occasionally.  Since the libraries closed in March, we have been constantly using BCCLS and checking out e-books all of the time.  Now, everyone has a few books checked out for the Kindle and a few books on hold.  They read their graphic novels using Libby on the iPad.  Having access to all of these books is wonderful!

Hoopla and RBDigital are also available via your Maplewood library card. Hoopla has ebooks, audiobooks, TV shows and movies.

RBDigital is for magazines.

RBDigital for magazines is great! Just want to add that. I've been using Hoopla & Libby for a long time, long before covid, but just recently found out about RBDigital. 

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