Educational consultant

Possibly looking to make a school change for my high-schooler next year, and I'm wondering whether any MOLers have any experience with area educational consultants. We are past the deadline for many (most) schools, and if we consider boarding schools (maybe, maybe not), there are too many options for me to sort out fast. If there's someone amazing out there, steer me his/her way, please!

Bard, Pamela Gershman - LMSW * 973-761-0744

I know Pam as an acquaintance through school - she is a MMS mom. She lives in Maplewood and I believe she has an office on Maplewood Ave.

Thanks--I'm finding a few possible schools, but it's nice to have a name or two in case I decide I need help. (Unfortunately I think these services don't come cheap!)

Are you looking at boarding schools. I really can say great things about mine - Kimball Union Academy - it is in New Hampshire but is a real New England boarding school experience. Lots of international students, lots of arts and great sports teams. And, it is a beautiful place.

Great idea--I'd forgotten about Kimball Union. I'll definitely give them a call. Thanks!

I've been trying to reach Pamela Bard as an educational consultant.  I've left her numerous messages at 973-761-0744 but have not heard from her.  Does anyone know how to reach her or know of a top educational consultant in the area?  I'm looking to evaluate smaller private  high school options for my daughter.

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