Experion - IDNotify - Notification of compromised email address on the dark web

I received an email from IDNotify. which is owned by Experion,that my email address has been compromised online. I did sign-up with Experion a couple of years ago when they offered free monitoring after there had been a hack. The message I get says "Dark Web Monitoring" and "Compromised email address." 

Has anybody else experience this?  IDNotify suggests that I change all of my passwords. 


"Your email address has been found compromised online. We monitor online properties to identify the illegal trading and selling of your personal information, and unfortunately we have found a match that may indicate possible identity theft. Below you will find additional information on next steps to take to ensure your personal information is secure".

Here's what to do:

  1. Immediately change the password for the email address that was found compromised. If you use that email for online accounts, you will also want to change the passwords on those accounts.
  2. Utilize smart password habits moving forward. If you reuse a password on multiple sites, your online accounts may be more vulnerable to identity thieves. Create unique and strong passwords for your accounts utilizing a mix of special characters, numbers, and upper- and lower-case letters.
  3. Your email address can be used along with other personally identifiable information (PII) elements to steal your identity. If this is the only compromised credential that we find a match to, it is not a clear indicator of identity theft. But, if it exposed along with other personal information, contact IDnotify at ‭(888) 280-8115. We'll help you determine if an identity theft event has occurred and guide you through any necessary restoration activities.

I just received a similar message from Norton:

Review your identity record alert from Norton™ Identity Protection

Dear ,

Norton™ Identity Protection has found a match to your monitored information.

Log in to review the details of this notification now.

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team at 866-588-5089 or visit our support site.

In the last couple of days my computer has had to restart Windows and I get a message from Windows that it's something to do with "stopcode."  I was wondering what that was all about and my hunch is that someone got into my computer. What's a good tool to scan with?  

I finally got through to Experion, by calling the number on the notice that I received. I thought they were going to try to sell me one of their products, but that was not the case. The representative took my information and said my email address had been used and she read me the password - I had never used it. She told me to change my password on my email. 

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