Family cell phones for adult children

At what point do you cut off your adult children from your family cell phone plan? Ours are young adults, gainfully employed, and living on their own, yet we still carry them on the phone plan. It think it's time to end this. If you have done this, what have you said to the kids, and how did they react?

I know that, in the greater scheme of things, this is hardly a major issue, but I'm just curious as to the experience of parents who have actually done this.

I wonder about this also, but mine are still in college, so haven't pushed it yet.

Some people have their aging parents on their family cell phone plans, but that's another story.  

When the kids were in college, it never occurred to me to cut them off, but now that they're on their own, it's different.

I told ours how much $ his line costs, and he sends the $ straight to our checking account every month on some kind of auto-pay.  Works for us, and I *think* he's paying less than he would for a separate account.

If it makes sense (that is, cheaper, to keep everyone on a single plan), why don't you have them pay their share?

I'd ask them to pay their share from the start.  My teen "pays" for her dataplan in babysitting for younger siblings, while we pay the basic fee for her to have a phone.  If she were earning more money, I'd expect her to pay her full share or move off the plan.  

I'd have no problem with her staying on the plan into adulthood to save money, as long as she pays her share.

Mine pay their share.

I plan to do this, but I'm not in a hurry. My girls are 26 and 23. I currently pay for the older's medical insurance. I told her that in the next few months, she'll have to start paying it, so get ready. The younger is on Medicaid, so there is no cost to us.

We're about to do it with our oldest, so will let you know how that goes over!

i pay for my sons, mom (phone and tablet) and brothers - it is getting painful - in fact just called sprint today to see if i can take advantage of their "cut your bill in half"  in my mind I am happy to pay as long as they use their devices to call me or text me every once in a while oh oh -- i do think there are cost benefits to having multiple lines on one plan 

I have four people on my cell phone; it's cheaper that way. They pay me for their phones.

You know, sometimes I feel really dense for not thinking of the obvious. Having them pay by transferring to my BoA account is super easy and spares them the pain and expense of finding their own plans. Why didn't I think of this? Sheesh.

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