Fatality at Mountain Station Wednesday 11/13

mrincredible said:

I only heard about this on Nextdoor today. Not much detail about what happened. 


 When I saw the message come in yesterday with the coded 'trespasser fatality' it made me think it was an old recent message from NJT. Turns out it was indeed a new one. How many of these have occurred in NJ in 2019? I feel like we're seeing more and more of them. Very troubling.

Here's an update on the tragic event, from a post on NextDoor:


The article says "Service was suspended briefly before resuming with 30-minute delays."  Nope.

I can tell you that the train sat there for a very long time. My husband and I were working in the backyard at the time. One of the doors was open in one of the last cars, so I called out to see if everything was okay. A conductor stuck his head out, and I couldn't make out his reply, but he gave a thumbs up. Sometime after that, the husband-unit went out in the car and noticed that the Mountain Station end of our street was blocked off by some kind of long medical vehicle, so he went the other way, We had no idea at that point of the awful event that transpired.

My condolences to the family of the victim and to the engineer of the train for whom this must have been extremely traumatic.

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