Favorite kids in the hall skit

I was going to answer this question, but it...slipped my mind. Technically two skits and I think I like the prison one best, but included the original for background.

Wow... I was a tremendous Kids in the Hall fan, and saw them perform live in DC maybe 15 or 20 years ago. It's hard to pick a 'favorite' sketch, but I referenced lines from these two recently:

"Ballet and snacks... my two passions!"

"Get me an entomologist!"

I couldn't resist, the classic "Crushing your head" sketch

"I like to put my money into Texaco... Well I like to put it into Gulf... Well I put my money in my mattress... Well I put my money in my wallet. You're boring me... I'm crushing your head..."

"Hail to you, wretched bike courier.... just trying to carve out that slice of the American Dream with your two-wheeled knife. I pity you. And I crush you..."

"Like putty in my hands... these business boys"

There's also the one about that movie with the sled.

That's like having to pick a favorite child !!! It's really difficult, but if I had to say, it'd be my daughter.

I also enjoy using this haggling technique (on both sides). "Not now, Murray..."

Plus any Gavin is good...

"She's a vegetarian..."

Not their finest, perhaps, but certainly prescient.

Wow -- It really was prescient. Who could have known that the President of the US would be someone who has no qualms about verbally objectifying women, like the 3 guys who stay in the class at the end?

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