Following Santa on NORAD and Air Services Australia


For anyone looking at the NORAD site, 

Link is here: and according to my iPad there’s no time on the countdown clock. (We’re almost 8:30pm on Christmas eve  as I write; marksierra is an hour later as he lives in daylight saving time)

Wishing you all family harmony, peace, good health and traditional seasonal greetings for this time of year, wherever you are around the globe! May you all be safe and happy!

joanne is the Aussie tracker service; obviously, we'll have a land sighting before you do, given our timing. 

Air Services Australia have already got search crews on the alert:

(I've inserted the YouTube link. Not sure what's happened. I can see it)


Love this flight notice from Air Services Australia! oh oh 

I hope you can enlarge it sufficiently to read it.

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