Glass Doors for Bathtub

Considering putting glass around around bathtub\shower. Any vendor suggestions would be a appreciated.

Sorry I didn't see this before. We've used Clifton Glass and have been very happy! Good luck to you.

Clifton Mirror & Glass
188 Getty Avenue
Clifton, NJ 07011
Phone 973-772-7770
Fax 973-772-3737

Here ya go...


Any additional suggestions?

Thank you

We used Gorkin Glass. It was an expensive proposition, but worth it to me. I'll look for my bathroom thread where you can see pictures.

About mid-way down this page, you can see some photos of our glass shower over bath doors.

Adler Glass Roland 973-743-8898 Great work. Competitive pricing.Nice guy.

If this is a standard recessed installation bathtub ( like in soda's picture) no need to go to an expensive custom glass place.

Just order a ready to go Century sliding door, framed or semi frameless from Kantor Supply in Orange and have a good handyman or plumber install.

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