Good Times Math Gang

I want to announce that the next session of The Good Times Math Gang. This is an afterschool math club run by Steven Greenstein, a math education professor at Montclair State University and his two math-y friends, Tori and Michael. Class starts on Monday, April 6. It's open to kids in 3rd through 8th grade and it meets at the Baird Center in South Orange on Mondays from 4 - 5 pm for the next ten weeks.

The Good Times Math Gang is for kids who love math and kids who hate it. The emphasis is always on thinking and reasoning, but it doesn't quite look like what math looks like in conventional schools. We do use paper and pencil, but we also play games, do crafty things, and move around.

Head to our (minimal) website at You can find some sample problems at the "Activities" link. Head to the "Registration" link to register.

The cost is $10 ($1 per session!) plus a $15 materials fee. If that's too much, we can reduce or waive the materials fee. Just ask.

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