GSP on Friday of Labor Day weekend

I'm taking my son to a show at PNC Bank Art Center on Friday.  Which means I'll be on the Garden State Parkway.  On a Friday.  Of Labor Day weekend.  I'm already getting night sweats at the prospect.

Heretofore, I've managed to avoid doing anything like this.  So I ask you on MOL:  how hellish will it be?  How much time should I allow for travel there?  TIA.

With long holiday weekends, getaways tend to be more dispersed and ahead of the usual time, especially as Thursday and Friday weather looks good. That works in your favor.

You never know of course, but if you're leaving Soma at say, 5 pm, I think there's a decent (25%) chance you won't find any real delay and you'll get there in 45 mins. Base case scenario (50% chance) , you find some delays but nothing too bad and it takes you 1-1:10.

25%  chance it takes you >1:15. There's a long tail on that so it includes 8% chance >2 hrs.

good luck!

There are websites on N.J. traffic. Also, 101.5 has traffic updates.

If it looks bad, take the turnpike to New Brunswick. Get off the turnpike and take Rt. 18, south for about 10 miles. Take 18 to where if forks off to rt 9, south. Follow that and then get on the Parkway north for about 10 miles to the art center..

Drive time should be 1 and 1/4 hour.

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