Gynecologist Recommendation Please

Looking for a terrific doctor who can take a variety of symptoms and try to find the diagnosis. More than just a yearly visit. Maybe it's hormone related? Not sure. I would like someone who will listen and take their time. I have seen someone in NY and would prefer a doctor closer to home this time.
I've always gotten wonderful recs from the folks on MOL. Thank you in advance!

Dr. Winsome Parchment is wonderful. She's very caring and will take the time to listen to you. Her office is on Springfield Avenue.

Fred Silverberg, across from the Mall at Short Hills. Great listener and he also has a wonderful nurse. 973-635-2299

Dr Klachko, West Orange. There can be a wait in her office since she takes her time oh oh. Wonderful, knowledgeable, cautious but not alarmist.

Hands down... Dr. Winsome Parchment

+1 for Daria Klachko (now in Livingston), who only does GYN.

I like Dr Parchment as well, though I have never needed anything beyond a pap so I can't speak to much more than her general bedside manner. Her office location is ridiculously convenient, even walkable from some neighborhoods in Maplewood.

Without reserve: Tara Abella -- best I've ever been to. Really listens and actually responds, smart; makes me feel comfortable in what is not (for me) a comforting exam; very straightforward; doesn't hesitate to refer for further/additional consultation. Young (mid-30s?) but understands and handles very well my post-menopausal concerns. Also, and this is important to me, I've always been able to schedule an appointment fairly soon, and have not been kept waiting for long periods. (I used to go to Anne Marie Campbell, who left practice here years ago, who I really, really liked, but it always seemed that I was kept waiting for more than an hour each time.)

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