Happy Birthday, Bella

My sweet weimaraner girl turns 3 today. I love you, Bella! :bigsmile:

she is beautiful! happy birthday girl!

she's go beautiful blue eyes! couldn't see them in the original post! her friend in the photo with her is cute too!

Bella Thunder is 4 years old today. Happy Birthday, Bella oh oh

Hope it's a great day!

I would love to know how she stands sideways like that. ;-). Happy Birthday, beautiful girl.

My baby girl turns 5 today. Happy Birthday, Bella! oh oh

Happy Birthday Bella from Doggone Farm!


Happy Birthday

I don't know her but she's a real beauty!! Happy Birthday, B!

To my sweet, sweet girl - Happy Birthday, Bella! oh oh

Every year is so special - Happy Birthday, Bella!
long may you run ... oh oh

Happy Birthday, Bella! smile

You're my girl, Bella. Happy 10th! I love you.

Ten already? Gosh! Happy birthday! Woof!

*scritch behind the ear*

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