Happy Birthday, Blue

Today is a special day for a number of reasons, but mostly because it's my best buddy's Birthday. My boy Blue turned 5 years old today. Wish him a Happy Birthday! :bigsmile:

happy birthday blue! (is blue a cat or dog?)

Today is a special day. Happy Birthday, Blue!!

Happy Birthday Blue.... ah 5 years old lol

I remember delivering your beautiful puppies like it was yesterday!

Edited to add...miss ya JTA!

Happy Birthday, Blue. BTW, is Blue short for Blue Iris?

My gentle dog, Blue, turns 8 years old today.

I'll always love my dog named Blue oh oh
(Blue is named for his eye color as a pup)

Blue is very handsome, Pizzaz! Happy 8th b'day to him and may you enjoy many more together!

Happy Birthday, Blue! This one makes 10. grin 

Wow! Happy birthday, Blue!

Have a GREAT birthday, big, beautiful Blue!

It's party time again. Happy Birthday, Blue! grin

Happy 11th Birthday, Blue!

Hope you get a nice Weim pup-cake!

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