Help a Friend....and a Damn Good Goalie! Vote!

Maplewood and South Orange have always been very supportive of its athletes, and we would be honored if you would take the time to vote for Columbia's Girl's Varsity Goalie, Delaney Prenovost, as top goalie in Group 4. We need the support of this wonderful community. Voting ends on May 29th at 9pm, which just so happens to be Delaney's birthday! Thank you so much, Maplewood and South Orange!! Please click on the link below and vote for Delaney Prenovost, Columbia High School. Here is the link:

I voted - and based on stats Delaney is definitely one of the top goalies in Groups 4 with the most saves in the group - congrats on the great record!

But I do think these polls are based more on someone's ability to drive traffic to the poll then their actual talent.

The top voter getter(6,061 votes) - has 192 saves - and they don't mention the save percentage.

Delaney currently has (191 votes) - has 229 saves - and a .471 save percentage.

So the results are skewed and at least out of the top vote getter(and most others on the list) and Delaney - it's pretty obvious who the better goalie is.

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