Hey y'all!

Haven't been on here in ages and just wanted to say "hello" to you all.

Its been a crazy busy year down here and it just doesn't let up. New kitchen, new roof, family coming from overseas...even in the mountains it never gets dull.

Spring has sprung down here, although we had snow flurries last night but otherwise everything is blooming and the birds are singing in the mountains.

Wishing you all a wonderful year.

Pixi, aka Claudia

Pixigirl. Who dat? oh oh

How you doing? Your son was in here last week or so, so you still have roots in SO.

Hi Pixi,
good to hear from you. sounds like an exciting year so far, we are hoping spring will be upon us very soon! Take care

Love your crocus! None of mine are up yet, but we're on the shady side of our street. Can't wait until spring gets up here, too! oh oh

MISSED YOU! Glad all is well!

Such beautiful, peaceful surroundings. So good to hear from you. Glad you have been keeping busy and things are going well for you. Please stay in touch.

Nice to hear from you!

New kitchen (perking up)! Pictures please.

And how are the doggies?

I am just speechless with the news about JML. My heart goes out to the family and personal friends but also to all of you MOLers. Laura and I didn't always see eye to eye on some things but Laura was an incredible person and her threads, especially the middle of the night ones used to make my mornings when I was still checking MOL daily.

I know a lot of you knew her personally as I did, be it from parties, from BPS, or from just around town and even though I am removed after living so far away for 2.5 years I screamed in horror in the office when I saw the news. It just isn't right, not somebody like Laura who seemed invincible.

My heart goes out to her kids, her partner Dan, Tom her family (especially her sister) and her MOL family!

There will be Tikibar Parties in heaven now.

Hi Pixi --

We didn't always see eye-to-eye, either, but for some reason your words about Laura meant a lot to me today. So, thank you for them. Like you, I was utterly shocked, and still am. I wish all the best for you and yours -- and Laura's family, of course.

One bright spot: I'm really enjoying how Laura's legacy is pulling the community together. It's a fitting tribute.

Enjoy the spring at your home!


Dear Michael,

thank you for your kind wishes and the same to you. It is so sad that it sometimes takes a horrendous tragedy to bring people together but none the less knowing Laura she is laughing in heaven knowing that she managed to bring us to closer.

Wishing you all the best yourself and I am truly sorry we never got to meet each other in person ....

You know...I just had to laugh out loud down here.

I just remembered Laura once decided in the middle of the night to take out a wall in her kitchen and I thought man that girl has balls and is a wee wacky.

Here I am on Easter weekend with a chisel and a hammer....spending the entire weekend taking off kitchen tiles to get ready for the full demolition on Monday and mind you I am using not very appropriate language because it is so tedious.

Here is to you JML!

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