How to dispose of ammunition?

As I mentioned on another thread, my wife’s Aunt recently passed away. Her husband passed a couple of years ago. He was a gun owner and, while she got rid of the guns at the time, we have found quite a bit of ammunition around the house (several hundred rounds). I know you cannot take ammo to the county hazardous waste disposal. Does anyone know if there is some other way to get rid of it?

I wouldn't mess around.  Call your friendly neighborhood police department.

Throw it in your campfire.  NOT.

Call police.

Or give away/sell on CL.

Wow this thread title got my attention! I imagine you might get some humorous responses if you slipped it into one of the Soapbox All Politics threads.

To get rid of it all at once, I agree with the suggestion to call the local police department.

Now, if over time, that's a different method. 

Same thing happened to me.  Police happily took it. 

Notify the local police department.  They should take it.

joan_crystal said:
Notify the local police department.  They should take it.

 This is excellent advice.

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