How to get rid of a Christmas tree in April

Please don't hate on me for this question -- a relative was very ill and just passed away; I was traveling to him so often over the last 3 months that many other things fell by the wayside, and we've wound up with our Christmas tree still sitting in the dining room. How do we get rid of it at this point? Chop it up and put it out with spring yard cleaning?

--Abashed in Hilton

So sorry for your loss. Yes what you stated above would probably be the answer.

Could you drop it off at the SO Recycling Depot? They have a corner for branches.

I have a friend who didn't get rid of hers unt June. You could call the Cora Hartshorn and Reeves Read arboretums and see if they want trees for mulch or habitats.

This happened to mea number of years ago. I had a very small house with a small wrap around porch. The side of the porch was lined with evergreens. So, I took the Christmas Tree and stuck it on the back side of the porch kind of between the evergreens. It stayed there until the end of the following Christmas when I finally put it on the street. The amazing thing is that it stayed green for almost the whole year. Very few people noticed, but sometimes I'd be sitting on the porch with someone and they would look at that part of the porch in a kind of funny way, and look again, and finally sometimes they would ask , Is that a Christmas Tree ? I think it was the errant strands of tinsel still left on a few branches that gave it away.

That's very funny, sarahzm!

It can be dropped off at the SO recycling depot on Tues and Thurs 8am to 4pm and Sat 8am -12noon.

Viking. Funeral.

Right down the river in Memorial Park.

The town needs this. Do it.

^You may not have meant it this way, but that was breathtakingly out of line.

Thank you to everyone else for the suggestions.

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