I have a question Re: Due Amici Restaurant...

Yep, if you're going to promote a place, maybe give the contact info. grin (Main Street at Eagle Rock, West Orange)

I see they have a Facebook page, but they rarely post anything on it themselves. Maybe that would be a start if they truly are looking for more customers.

Looks like they have a website, but it is glitchy, navigating it using the links on the upper right hand corner doesn't seem to work too well.


ETA:  The menu does look good though

I can't even see the menu, aside from a few limited entrees. 

in my opinion, the food is  no different than many other Italian restaurants in Essex County, there is nothing special about the interior, and the staff can be rude.  They had a special one night a veal Parmesan, if you were slow so thin the breading with the car. This cost me over $25 and I really felt as if it was a horrible value. It's just nothing special 

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