Indian restaurant - Edison

Any recommendations?  I will be ordering to take it home...just in the neighborhood and know it has a lot of good ones. -And I have never been. Thanks!

We just ate at Moghul on Oak Tree Rd in Edison this past weekend to celebrate my uncle's birthday.  So much yummy food!  Reasonably priced.  

We like Bombay Blue Bistro. About a mile further down from most of the restaurants on Oak Tree Rd. 

While I like Indian food, I do gravitate to some of the different styles beyond the most common tandoori places. Also as an important caveat, I don't care about being fancy.

Places I like are:

Calcutta Wok - This is in a food court called Flavor Junction on Oak Tree Road on the second floor of a nondescript office building sort of place where there are a lot of small vendors inside. In addition to this Indo-Chinese place there is a dosa place, a chaat place, etc. I like Indo-Chinese food (especially chili paneer). This place, of course, is pretty much zero on the fancy scale.

Sri Dosa Place - This is a small restaurant on Route 27. It's aptly named. This is a place for dosas. I like dosas!

Papa Pancho Pizza - Also on Oak Tree Road. This place has Indian fusion pizza. Never had paneer on your pizza? Time to fix that. (Last time we were there, which was a while ago they were doing some construction and I think they were merging their space with Moghul Express next door, so I'm not sure if that's done or not, so there's a chance things may have changed depending on how merged they are going to end up being.)

Bombay Spice II - Further down route 27. The paneer tikka kati rolls are the bomb. This is a sit-down place that also has Indo-Chinese selections, so while I like the I-C food at Calcutta Wok slightly better, it's perfectly fine here and it's a slightly more normal dining experience. Also the paneer tikka kati rolls!

(There are other Bombay Spice locations in Iselin and on Oak Tree Road, but I haven't been to them so I can't say what differences there might be.)

For the most part, most places you try will be good.

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