Interior Painting Qs - UPDATE

I hired a company to paint a couple of bedrooms and instead of sanding away all the previous chips in the paint they simply painted over them. They did spackle, fill and sand large cracks and holes but did nothing about the chipped paint.  See pic.  

Am I correct that sanding the chipped areas is usually part of the prep?  I assumed so and didn’t discuss specifically with the company prior to starting the work.

Thx for your input.

I've painted over 100 rooms (not in the same house, -heh).

Anyway, that (lack of) work pictured is just lazy.

Thanks steel.  I agree.  I plan on talking to company about it in hopes they will fix.  I haven't paid them yet.  

You do want to be careful about how much you sand.  After a coat or two you will probably reach lead.  Assuming you aren't paying through the nose for the work, I would probably just ask them to fill that spot and paint over it.  it's not the truly best way, but it is reasonable.

Thx Film. There are several spots like it.  I'm thinking a little sanding will do the trick.  I do want to be reasonable so if filling is the answer then fine.  I just know they have to be fixed

Sanding is the norm for outdoors painting.  I have not seen it done inside (except for fresh sheetrock construction).

Actually, from working on a lot of windows, I see the aftermath of sloppy painting in most cases.  When hiring a painting contractor, the home owner should be very specific as to what is expected (such as, do not paint inside traks for doublehung windows, do not paint windows shut, etc.).

Both rooms are plaster.  I cant believe they saw nothing wrong with just painting over these?!

Is that part of the base board or some type of  wood molding?  If so, I am not sure spackle will work as well as wood putty.  I honestly never tried it so it may work just as well.  I am thinking they didnt have any wood putty and that is why they left it.  Just my opinion, I've been known to be wrong in the past.  


It’ll take all of 5 minutes to sand those spots as to feather them into the existing paint and repaint the trim. No lead issues to worry about. Just quick and lazy on the part of the painter.

Eric: it's part of the baseboard.  I'm hoping the painter will be reasonable and fix these.  Not many but enough that I have to speak up.

I agree.  Ask them if they would have left that at their house.  If they wont sand it because it may create a small amount of dust, ask about using wood putty or filler. 

Good luck.


ETA, was the boss/owner on the job?  If not, show it to him, he wont want his reputation smeared over one hour of work.  

He wasn't.  I've asked him to stop by because I'm pretty sure hell have the same reaction I did.  Tx again

Let us know what happens. 

So, painting company didn't hesitate to have a crew fix the paint job, which is great.  Except, that I'm now thinking that they used water-based (acrylic) paint over oil-based.  I raised that with them and he simply said that if paint starts to peel, they'll come back to fix it.  Not sure i'm okay with that answer, but we'll see.

That's great.   Dont stress over the water base, I think they would come back if needed based on how they dealt with your first issue.  Obviously it would have been better to get that in writing, but I get the awkwardness of asking for that after they made good on their screw up.  

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