Is there a market for used record albums aka vinyl?

Cleaning out my mom's house just found 3 boxes of vinyl records.  Is thare a mareket?  If sho where & how are the best way to see.

There is probably something more local.  We stop by the Princeton Record exchange whenever we are in that area.  They buy albums.  You won't get the best possible price, but I found it very convenient when we were cleaning out our house.

Vinyl is enjoying a comeback. If you go into Barnes & Noble, you'll see a section now selling old vinyl records, so I'd be very surprised if there's not a market for them.

You'll be appalled at what they offer you   It's not even worth the effort of bringing them in   And Scotty's is the worst   

I used Scotty's a few years ago for the convenience of getting rid of a couple boxes of my late brother's albums. They weren't in the best of shape and "Scotty" didn't really want them all (but he took them all). Gave me $60 bucks and I was happy to walk out with the gas money.

Edited to add: I found a few pot seeds in the creases of some of the double albums. If you have to ask why they were there, you are too young to remember. I also kept the "Cheap Thrills" album. I wasn't going to let that go.

Market is pretty active with younger folks getting into vinyl, I know several friends that collect them

eBay? It might be a hassle to ship but you get great exposure and may find an extremely motivated buyer...

What's in the box?   Yes, a market, no, not much $, but 3 boxes could be worth the trip--and it's a great way to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Yesterday was Record Store Day:

Haven't been to Scotty's, but had fun at House of Wax in Frenchtown recently.

Also check with Montclair Book Center. They don't buy/sell directly but advertise (and maybe share some space with) a partner that does.

I tried scotti's and got rid of only a few. Tried a place in woodbridge on rt 1 - nothing. What really worked for me was posting on craigslist. AMAZING response, I listed some of the records and indicated price for taking the whole lot. I had over 10 responses in less than 1/2 day and they were gone to first person who came and looked. Based it on the pricing I saw online for those selling individual albums with a discount. 

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