Jamie, Can you make Advanced Search a real Advanced Search?

Is this in your control at all?  I don't call the Search function advanced at all. I can't limit by category or poster. So if I wanted to see who all talked about the HBO show Veep I  can't limit the category to Arts and Entertainment. Similarly if I wanted to see what I personally said about Veep (as mentioned as a problem by another poster in the What Series should I watch next? thread) I can't search by poster. I know in the past other iterations of this generally fantastic Message Board allowed one to do so. Not this one. Can you please fix/improve? Pretty please?  rolleyes 

Sorry for the delayed response - I've brought this matter up with my developers in the past but it hasn't made the queue yet.  We'll work on it.  The reason why we termed it Advanced search was because we only had a one field search box at the top of the forum where you couldn't for phrase or all words or year, etc.

Thanks for the response jamie. No need to apologize for the delayed response. Here's hoping it makes the queue at some point. I still love you and all you do.  rolleyes 

You are da man!  It worked like a charm. I plugged in Veep and Arts and Entertainment and voila.  rolleyes rolleyes 


Issue with search:

I typed into the search field: facebook

Selected "Titles only" radio button

This recent thread did not show up in the search results:

Facebook Investors Sue Facebook Over Voter Profile Harvesting


Thanks for the heads up!

search is working properly now.

wow great news thanks!!

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