JamieSpace updates

Just a reminder - if you have a login here - you can run over to https://jamiespace.com/ and use it to create an online space for the conversations and info that you don't want lost in emails and chat apps.  Also, for the info you wouldn't want to post in MOL or social media

If you  have one already and wanted to know how to get push notifications on you iPhone - it's now possible:

If you need help setting one up - just drop me a message: https://maplewood.worldwebs.com/messages/compose/jamie

I personally have several spaces - one for the household, one for family, one for the Maplewoodstock committee, one for personal use regarding updates of things I need to do with the platform, I've used it when developing a website for a client and I've used one to save data I was learning via an online course.

There is no one silver bullet for when to use one - but if you try it and use it I think you'll really like it! 

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