Anybody in the community have Leafguard, or any similar  product, installed over their rain gutters?

Does it work? I'm concerned that leaves will just collect on top of the guards, defeating the primary purpose of gutters.

In hindsight,  do you think it was worth it?

Thanks for any help.


I have something like that.  I don't know what it is called.  Roofer installed it when they redid the roof a few years ago.  Works very well.  No need to clean gutters.

Same here - installed by roofer like Joan

Agree - years later works great

I think we have Leaf Guard. Works well in terms of I never really need to clean my gutters, but beware of house valleys where gutters join together, it's not that great there. Also in major downpours like we had today, the rain pour can bounce off the filter before it can seep through, and the gutters just won't handle it. 

Whatever we have, was installed by R & G Roofers.   I have no way to evaluate the job but Buckingham exterminator came to the house and, unsolicited, remarked that the gutter job was installed, perfectly.

A word of caution if you have ash trees near your house and are thinking of getting some form of gutter guards. The ash tree seeds (samaras) can clog certain designs of gutter guards.

Before another day went by, I wanted to thank all of you for the comments.

Installation went quickly & without mishap

Sorry for the delay in giving thanks, but when the contractors came, things got hectic.

Thanks again & thankfully we had none of the minor problems mentioned.


are the filters color matched to your gutters or completely hidden?  Can you share a per foot price?  Thanks.

For others, don't let them tell you that you have to act now to get the discount price.  Send them away and tell them you'll think about it.  The price can come down dramatically. 

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